El Mole Es Su Mero Mole

Comida Fresca para todos con Sazón único con Aromas del Campo, Fusión de comida Mexicana, Italiana y Orgánica.

For a breakfast, lunch or dinner with an authentic Mexican taste, step inside the village. Fogata Village specializes in spicy flavors and meaty dishes that offer a true meal of Mexico. Start your day with our speciality of the house Chilaquiles "Fogata" mixed with home made style tortilla chip and scrambled eggs with FIRE jalapeño sauce, grilled panel cheese, marinated steak, rise and beans.
Swing by at lunchtime for some mouth-watering carne asada, and relax at the end of the day with our famous enchiladas. If you’re too busy to stop in, just call us to order, and we’ll bring these amazing dishes to you.

For Busy People we have ready buffet from 10am to 3pm